Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tech Tuesday November 22

Here are some resources that I thought all of you might find helpful.

Web 2.0 Tools

Here is a great collection of web tools that you could use in your classroom.

iPads in the classroom

Here is a collection of resources on how to utilize iPads in the classroom.

Interactive Websites

This is a great collection of websites that work wonderful on the Smartboard.

Science Interactive Websites

Here are some interactive websites that are for science teachers that work wonderfully on the Smartboard.

Feel free to give these a try and havea wonderful Thanksgiving Break.

One last awesome site. Enjoy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tech Tuesday for November 8th

Happy Tech Tuesday everyone. I hope you are all having a great PD day. Here are some things you might find useful.

Superstar Teacher

I met a man while I was at AuthorSpeak2011 last week and we talked about how tough it is for teachers to afford the the little things in class sometimes. Many of us talked with Todd about the way money is spent and how many teachers are fighting for the same scraps as others. Well, Todd Thornton has set up mini grants for teachers all over! Follow the guidelines and you can earn up to $500 for your classroom. Check out the site now before all of the money is gone!

Digital Storytelling Apps

Do you have an iPad and are you looking for apps that will allow you to make fun and exciting stories to share with your students? Well, here is the site you have been looking for. It's a simple Google site that offers a few different apps and explains how they could be used in digital storytelling. See if you can use any of these in your class or at home.

Algebra and Geometry Games

Here is a link to some fun Algebra games. The tabs say Grade 6-8, but this might be useful at the HS level. Take a look and see if these would work in your class or at home with your kids.

Gary's Social Media Count

Here is a very cool graphic that can show you the role Social Media has in the world today. Our students are responsible for much of the content that is being created on the web right now. It's important to keep that in mind as we look for different ways to infuse technology into our classroom. It might not seem important to you, but your students might be ready for something completely different.

- Give it a try!