Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tech Tuesday for November 11

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Here are some cool resources that are worth checking out.


This is a cool tool I learned about from Richard Byrne and his cool website. Blabbr allows users to take YouTube clips and create multiple choice quizzes based on the clip they just watched. The correct answers are shared right away. I see this being great for reviews as students prepare for exams. Check out this one someone created for the Blood flow Through The Heart.

A couple of weeks ago, we received an email about managing multiple Google Accounts. Here is a video that was shared that shows you how to handle multiple email accounts. It is important to remember to only use your school related email and Google Accounts for school related communication only. Save personal emails and personal documents for your personal email and Google accounts. Thanks John Sowash for the awesome video. 

Blabberize is a very fun site that could be used in a single class period in the computer lab. It's an online computer tool that allows you to add your voice to a picture of your choosing. The cool part of this is that you can select the area over the images mouth and the mouth will open and close while it plays the recorded message.

The message can be recorded via microphone, audio file or your cell phone. The cell phone option is really neat if you do not have a microphone on your computer at home. It gives you a number to call and a 4 digit pass code and the site will record your voice and save it to the picture you have selected.

You could use this as a fun option for students to find characters from a novel and record their favorite line or lines from the story that best suit them. At the end of the class period, you could play a selection for the class. If you are a History, you could use the site to have kids record parts of speeches for historical figures.

This site might not revolutionize education as we know it, but it is a nice tool to have in your drawer if you decide to do something a little different with your students. If you are not sure how to use it in class, just show the students and I'm sure they can come up with some fun ideas for class projects.

Here is my goofy example. It only took me 5 minutest to put together.

Try having some fun with Blabberize and see the silly thing you can do with it. You might just want to create a few fun pictures and place them in a Power Point or on your class website. Give it a try!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Poll Everywhere Tutorial and QR Codes

Here is a great blog post on how to use Poll Everywhere and a tutorial video on getting started. Great work from Greg Kulowiec.

The Post - Poll Everywhere Advice and Questioning Strategies

Here is a post from our district that explains the different ways that QR Codes can be used in the classroom for PT Conferences. It provides links to apps for your mobile device and some possible uses for you in the classroom. Take a look and see how these might be used for your upcoming conferences. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Google Doc Tips And An Add-on For Math Teachers

One of the most common things I hear from Math teachers is that using Google Docs is not easy for them because they cannot write their math formulas. Well, there is an easy solution that should help all of the Math teachers.


(g)Math is a Google Docs Add-on that allows Math teachers to add equations to their documents. By clicking (g)Math, you will be taken to the Add-on page of Chrome and you will want to click install. Here is a video that explains everything that you can do with (g)Math.

Using Google Docs with students can be very helpful. Instead of making multiple copes of various worksheets with problems you have created, you can share a document for students on Drive. Also, making regular changes to the Google Doc from home is much easier than having to do it from school. I'd love to hear how you use (g)Math in your classroom. 

Here is a great public Google Doc that offers some wonderful tips on using Google Docs. Here are just a few of the 100 that are worth looking at. 

Productivity Hacks
These hacks will make your Google Docs experience even more efficient and streamlined.
  1. Templates: Use Docs’ 300 templates to get started on different types of documents.
  2. Work offline: View and edit documents even when you don’t have access to an Internet connection.
  3. Create shortcuts: Create shortcuts and bookmarks for new documents, Google Docs home and more frequently visited pages.
  4. Save as different file types: Instead of converting docs to different file types, you can simply change it to HTML, RTF, PDG, ODT and more whenever you save it.

With these editing tools, you’ll track comments, save editing history and more.
  1. Color-code comments: You can color-code live comments in Google Docs.
  2. Revision pruning: When you have too many revisions, they’ll automatically collapse, or prune, but can still be viewed in revision history.
  3. Track edits and changes: In Google Docs you can go back and forth between edits that you or collaborators made.
  4. Revision history: View older versions of your document, and choose to "revert to this one" if you choose.
  5. Find and replace: This version of find and replace lets you match cases, match whole words, find previous words, and more.

There are many more on the doc that you should check out if you are looking to to find some of the new things you can do with Google Docs.

If you ever need any help with your Google Drive or other technology, send me an email and I can drop by your room 4th hour to talk about it.

Have a great day!