Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Great Collection of Misc Sites

Here is a great collection of sites for various subjects and grade levels. Take a look around and see if there is anything you might use in your class.

The Ultimate Writing Style Guide List

Here is a great collection of sites to help students and teachers make sure they are using correct citations as they work on papers for class. I used this site to figure out how to do APA Style research for my Masters Class. I had never used it before and this site was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction for correct APA Style. Share it with your friends and the students in class that claim to have no idea how to properly cite information.

Cool Periodic Table for Science Class

Here is just another visual aid for students in Chemistry Class. It has visual representations of the elements on the chart. It could be very helpful for some students that are more visually driven in their learning. Take a look and print a few copies out for students that might be interested in using them to study for exams.

The Science Cheerleader

Here is a great site for Science teachers. This one link will take you to some Physics songs. Yes, you read that right, Physics Songs. School House Rocks still works to this day for students who need help remembering their Grammar rules and these songs might be able to help some of those students remember important Physics information. Maybe you can have kids memorize and perform them to the class for extra credit. Take a look at this page and some of the other information on The Science Cheerleader.

Fun Interactive Sites for Kids

Here is a great collection of sites for students to use at home or in the classroom. There are great spelling sites and drawing sites that really allows students to get hands on with their spelling and art. This would work great on the Smartboard as a class activity. Take a look at this page, and some of the other collections from Digital Tools for Teachers

Facebook Template for Class Projects

This is such a  great template that can be used in any subject out there.  I would use this in my Lit Classes and have student create a Facebook page for characters in a story. Imagine what Romeo and Juliet would post on their pages after a wonderful evening on the balcony. What might Tybalt post on Mercutio's wall after a exchange of harsh words in town?

You could create Facebook profiles for famous men and women in history. What might Winston Churchill place on FDR's wall? What does Cleopatra do with here constant relationship status changes? The possibilities are endless and could lead to some great projects as students research the type of music that these men and women might have listened to or they type of plays the preferred to watch. This is a template I has placed on my Diggo account and shared with my students when they worked on their Gatsby projects. Here is what JFK's Facebook page might look like.

Science Class could be a blast as students create profiles for animals or even elements on the periodic table. Oxygen is in a relationship with Hydrogen. :-) Other bonds could be created and broken and students could find pictures that represent the elements they have chosen. Allowing students to explore different connections with the elements might help them remember these concepts for an exam.

There are many different ways that this template can be used in the classroom to allow students to explore a different way of learning. Students can have a better experience with the material if their are allowed to "play" with it. Let them create with the information you provide in class and they will have an easier time recalling it later in class.

I hope you enjoyed the different sites I pulled together over break. I want to give a shout out to my PLN for sharing these great resources with me and the world. You make all of us better teachers by sharing. Please feel free to leave me a comment or suggest a helpful site you want others to see.

Give it a try!

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