Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tech Tuesday 12/7

Happy December everyone! This school year has moved along so quickly. The end of the year is moving closer and I have some goodies to share with all of you and a little self promotion. Take a look and what I have and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Voting is now open for The Edublog Awards and I've been honored to be nominated in the Best New Blog and Best Teacher Blog for my personal blog The NerdyTeacher. The Edublog Awards recognize amazing educational blogs from all over the world. I share this with you not just to get votes (Please vote), but to share with you the other amazing resources out there. As you vote, checkout the other sites. I read many of them regularly and share their finds with you often. This is worth a look. Thanks.

Holiday Fun

For all of the teachers that are looking for holiday themed fun for their classroom, take a look at this Livebinder from @2Sparkley. It's a wonderful collection of goodies that includes, coloring, crafts and much much more.  Here is the link if the district computers are not displaying the image below.

Holiday Binder

Digital Hamster

This is an adorable little widget you can add to your website that is completely interactive. Students can feed it or make it run on the wheel. This would be fun to put up on the Smartboard. The best part is that you do not have to clear a cage! Check this out.


This is a great interactive site on Chemistry. There is a wealth of information on chemists and various experiments that teachers can set up for their students. This is great site to share with your class that could be a tremendous resource for the classroom. Take a minute and check out this great site.

Take a moment and look over these amazing resources and give them a try!

- Nick

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