Monday, May 24, 2010

I Love ILearnTechnology

I wanted to use this Tech Tuesday to give a shout out to an amazing blogger and provide a great resource for all of the non-high school teachers in the district. If you only look at one other blog the rest of the school year, this one needs to be it.This blog needs to be your go to spot for all things Elementary School Tech. There are so many great reviews of sites and tools there have been times I actually wish I taught the little ones just so I could play with these sites. Try not to be overwhelmed by the volume of posts. Just take your time and sift through the different tools and find one that fits you and your class best.

ILearnTechnology is an amazing blog run by Kelly Tenkely (@ktenkely) and it won the 2009 Edublog Award for Educational Technology and Support Blog. The blog is very deserving of the award. Kelly provides a rundown on many different web applications on her blog. Here is a screen shot of a post of hers.

As you can see, she breaks down each review into What it is, How to integrate and Tips. She does this with her post to not only explain how these tools work, but she offers suggestions on how to use them in the classroom. With some bloggers or tech people, they tell you about a tool, but fail to really tell you how they would or have used it in the classroom. Kelly is not one of those people. She works very hard to post many new and exciting reviews of interesting tools that can add something great to your every day lessons. 

Kelly is also an avid tweeter and is always dropping bits of information that I, as well as many others, find very helpful throughout any given day. Every Elementary school teacher interested in integrating more technology should have ILearnTechnology bookmarked on their browser and saved on the desktop. Stop by her site and leave her a comment if you find something helpful or have a question about using the tool in your class. She is one of the friendliest people out there and is great at responding to comments on her posts. 

I hope you find this site helpful and I will continue to direct other grade levels to blogs and people that might offer better suggestions and reviews of grade appropriate tech tools. 

- Give it a try!

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