Monday, May 31, 2010

Tools for the 21st Century Teacher

I found this great document on my Google Reader today and thought I would pass it on to you wonderful people. Michael Zimmer is Technology Integration Specialist and has posted many great things on his blog, The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness. Please take a moment and add his blog to your reader or scan through his posts. It is worth your time if you are interested in integrating technology into your classroom.

The document below is something Michael put together to provide some information on some very valuable tools for teachers in the 21st Century. I have used these tools in my life and in the classroom and they have done wonders for creating a more interactive and engaging learning environment in my classroom. Take a look at these tools and see how you might be able to incorporate them into your class.

Open publication - Free publishing - More 21st century

- Give it a try!

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