Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tech Tuesday for 1/17

Here are some great goodies to look at for this week.

Photo Pin

Photo Pin is a great site that allows Bloggers to use images free of charge. Now, many of you might not be Bloggers, but you might be assigning more web based projects and this is a great tool to share with your students who are looking for picutres. Some of the pictures shown will say there is a charge, but there are many more that are free to use. It is never a bad thing to have extra search options when it comes to photos.

Block Posters

Have you ever wanted to take a picutre and blow it up into a poster? Well, with Block Poster, you can do that with just a few clicks of the mouse. Block Poster is designed to allow a user to choose how many sheets of paper they would like their blown up poster to use. You can scan in student work and blow it up for your classroom or hallway. This would be a great way to surprise students and share their work with everyone. Once pieced together, the poster could be laminated and given to the student to take home. This looks like a great site to share with your students and parents.

Sum Cloud is a fun site for young math students that works great on the Smartboard. Using 6 different levels of difficulty, the game allows kids to take a look at the possible answers and select them. It's a fun game to have kids practice their Math skills.

Inside Story Flashcards is a great flashcard site for kids. Check it out!

My friend Kelly wrote an amazing review of a site I want to share with you, so I'm going to send you to her amazing site for the full run down. iLearnTechnology is a site filled with amazing resources and I encourage you do to some snooping around there. I'm not kidding when I say she has covered almost every educational site on the Internet. She is an amazing person and you need to check out her site.

I hope you enjoy the sites!

Give them a try!

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