Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wired Wednesday?

Sorry for not getting this out on Tuesday, but I was in tech meetings all afternoon. Here are some goodies I hope you enjoy.

We Give Books

I heard of this site from my friend @KTenkely who heard of it from @ShannonMMiller. Pearson has but together a collection of picture books for children through age ten that can be read online! Students with an Internet connection can no access pictures books from home. Also, by reading these books online, you can help other children read books as well. By choosing a literacy partner campaign, the more books that are read, the more books that will be given to these great groups.

I think this is a great read to do some reading as a class. There are some great titles and they will be adding more each month. They also have seasonal titles for the holidays that kids enjoy most. I definitely recommend that teachers check out this great offering from Pearson.

Math and Science Rap

This has to be one of the coolest sites I have seen for Math and Science in a very long time. The idea is simple. Turn important parts of Math and Science into clean rap songs to help students learn. You can consider this a modern day version of School House Rocks! I really like it when people try and approach traditional material in a new and different way and the Rhyme 'N Learn people do just that. The header of their website alone is enough to make you stop and check out their work. Here is a video and song for the Pythagorean Theorem:

Bloom's Taxonomy for iPad Apps

This picutres comes froma Twitter pal @Langwitches. For those of you with iPads and are interested in using them in your class, here are some great apps that line up with Bloom's Taxonomy.

Bloom iPads Apps 

Now that many teachers around the country are entering into the digital world, the most asked question is, "How do I grade it?" Well, there is now a wiki that has rubrics for digital work that includes, blogs, wikis and other Web 2.0 Tools. If you are interested in exploring what digital work has to offer and are looking for rubrics, this is the place for you.

These are some great resources I hope you take the time and time and give them a try!

- NP

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