Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tech Tuesday for February 7

Happy Tuesday everyone! Here are some goodies I want to share with you.

Edcamp Detroit

Last year, I organized an unconference at Wayne State University and it was a huge hit! I'm happy to say that Edcamp Detroit will be back at Wayne State on Saturday May 5th. You can checkout our website at EdCampDetroit.org or click here to be taken directly to registration.

We have worked very hard to get even more sponsors and predict that space will fill up fast, so be sure to lock down your spot as soon as possible. Like last year, this conference will be free for all who attend and we will be looking to live stream many of the sessions for those who cannot make it in person but want to watch at home. I have been to 3 different EdCamps and I have to say it has been one of the best learning experiences I have been part of. There were many GPPSS teachers there sharing and learning with teachers from all over the state. I hope to see them and many new faces at EdCamp Detroit 2012!

Here is a video of my friend Kristen Swanson who explains how EdCamps started in Philly and spread across the country. If you have any questions, send us an email at edcampdetroit@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter at @EdcampDetroit

Mark's Tips

Marc Gamet, a regular reader of the blog, has suggested a few cool things I wanted to share with the rest of you.

First, remember to lock your computer when you walk away from your desk. It's a simple thing to do to ensure the safety of your information. Windows Key + L will do the job. Also, Marc has created a document showing staff how to fix their laptops that loose the wifi connection. Check this out.

Lastly, Marc had a cool site he wanted me to pass along to all of you. The Teacher's Guide

This is a great site filled with cool interactive lessons that would work great on the SMARTBoard. Take a minute to look around and see what you can introduce into your classroom.

Here is a great site I found on my friend's site, Free Technology for Teachers. It's a fun site that is dedicated to helping kids learn the alphabet. Each letter provides the sound the animal makes and the pronuciation of the word. This would be fun to have in class and use with your students.

I hope you enjoyed the Tech Tuesday today. Remember, look around and give it a try!


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