Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Tech Tuesday March 27

Happy Tech Tuesday everyone. I'm excited to share another cool web tool I think is worth checking out.


This seems like the perfect name for my blog, but this is actually a great site. SuperLame is a site that allows people to upload photos, add speech bubbles, word balloons and other features to create a fun project. One of the things I love about this tool is that it does not require a log in, registration or even an email address. This is perfect to use for all ages. I was able to upload a photo, add a word bubble and a "sound effect" in just over a minute. After I was done, I downloaded the picutre and posted it here.

I can see this being a fun way to get students used to some minor photo editing and uploading for various projects. For those of you having student create more web-based work, this is a great tool for students to create photos and add them to their work.

Give this a try!

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