Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Travels with Your Digital Images

When you are viewing back your digital photographs, have you ever wondered about the part of the picture that you don't see? Each time you take a photograph embedded into the file is data related to the date, time and camera settings you were using at the time the picture was taken. This data is call your EXIF. This is a technical term for Exchangeable Image File Format.

Knowing about this data has many benefits: 

1. It embeds the date and time that the photograph was taken. When you go to organize your images, you can use this as a way to break up large folders of files into smaller groupings. However the camera is only as good as the photographer. If the camera's date settings are not set correctly that is what is included in the file.

2. Captions are stored in this data. This is helpful because many programs and services allow you to provide a descriptor of the event. If you email or share the image, that information will travel with the picture.

3. Camera settings are very important, especially to professional photographers. If you had this great picture and wanted to recreate it. knowing the settings and exposure is crucial.

The only real drawback is that more and more cameras have GPS built in as a feature. If you upload, share your pictures or add them to your web page, someone might be smart enough to learn where you live by viewing the GPS information. This is one of the realities of the digital age.

- Steve Geresy 

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