Monday, February 22, 2010

A Couple of Sites to Check Out

Nothing to big the Tech Tuesday after break. I would like to welcome Dee to the blogging world with her Social Studies Blog. I'm sure we will share sites back and forth and I'm glad to have a partner in crime with the blog. The more the merrier!

Biology in Motion - This a great interactive site for Science teachers. There is a great little piece on Intestinal Gas I found interesting. It is a cartoon mini-lecture that has a picture and a description of what Intestinal Gas is and how it affects the body. It's something that can be added to a lesson or posted on a website for students who want a little extra help. Another neat looking part of this site is the Evolution Lab. I'm not a science guy and I'm not really sure what many of the different words mean, but the whole concept of showing what happens with evolution under certain conditions seemed interesting. I'll probably bug Adams to have him explain it to me.

Algebasics is another math help site. This one deals with many of the different aspects of Algebra. What I noticed that really separates it from the other math help sites is the addition of audio. The problem that is being solved has step by step narration. Sometimes just watching the problem being solved is not enough. Students need to be told how it is being solved as it is being solved. Here is how you break down the root of 24. This could be another helpful tool students could use to help fill in the gaps they missed in class. Any extra help is good help. is just a great site that offers many great articles and ideas regarding public education. I follow them on Twitter and they always have something interesting to say. I highly recommend that you take a minute and go over the site and/or follow them on Twitter. Take a minute and view their articles. Again, you will not be disappointed.

- Give it a try!

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