Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Teachers Should Tweet

I've been asked by a few teacher why I use Twitter. If they would have asked me the week I started, I would have told them it was something fun to play around with this summer. Now, I feel I would be lost without my Teacher Tweeps. The connections I have made with other teachers from around the world has made me a better teacher. We share ideas, pass links, discuss ed topics and tech topics. There is no limit to what we can discuss. The question I have for people now is, "Why are you NOT on Twitter?"

Below are a few links that can answer some questions about Twitter that you might have.

Richard Byrne has a great blog called Free Technology For Teachers and it is a great source of information. This post will show you how to find other teachers with shared interests on Twitter. You can follow him on Twitter by clicking the Twitter link on his blog.

Laura Walker has a great site that offers wonderful tips. This post gives 9 great reasons Teachers should be on Twitter. You can follow her at @mrswalker

Twitter for Teachers is a site for teachers and it's about Twitter. It has endless resources on Twitter and other great tech tools for the class. Don't skip this site!

Another great site that offers comments on technology, thought on education policy and movementsm, and shares terrific links from other teachers is The Nerdy Teacher. @TheNerdyTeacher

Lastly, you should try to follow the people you know. Friends, famliy and other teachers in the building and district is a great way to get comfortable before you start connecting with the rest of the world. Twitter is where the information is being shared by educators. It's important to keep up or you might be left behind.

- Give it a try!

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